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Quickly & Easily Add Service Areas!

Service Areas in the Guard Guru directory are a way to maximize your potential on Guard Guru. Service Areas allow for you to appear in company search results not just for where your company is located, but the areas your company services. This handy guide will show you step by step how to add over 29,000 neighborhoods to your company Service Areas.

What You’ll Need to Get Started

  • Logged In to Guard Guru Company or Company Manager Account.
  • At Least one Directory Listing for the Company you wish to add Service Areas to.

Add Service Areas

  1. Visit My Companies to get started.
  2. Search or otherwise locate the Directory Listing you wish to edit.
  3. Locate & Click the button labeled “ Areas”.
  4. If this location already has any Service Areas, they will be here, sorted by State/Province.
  5. If already listed, you can Edit the Service Area for the corresponding State/Province.
  6. Otherwise, click the button labeled “ Add Service Areas”
  7. Select the Service State/Province you wish to Add Service Areas to.
  8. Select whether to “Serve Entire State” or “Serve Specific Areas” & click the button labeled “Next”.
  9. If adding the selected state in it’s entirety, just confirm the prompt to add the entire state to Service Areas.
  10. If adding specific Service Areas, select a specific city & click the button labeled “Next”.
  11. Confirm the correct starting Service Area & click the button labeled “Select Service Cities”.
  12. A starter list of surrounding Service Areas will be auto-selected. Add or Remove Service Areas to the list as needed.
  13. When the list of Service Areas is Complete, click the button labeled “Save Service Areas”.

Service Areas on Directory Listing

#1 – 1 of 1 Results Array